About us

Beijing Puran Railway Braking High-Tech Co., Ltd.

Puran is an independend railway braking product manufacturer integrating R&D production, sales and after sales service. Puran provide the full range of rail friction material.It promotes to enter a new space for development.Founded in 2008 Beijing Puran is a railway braking product manufacturer integrating R&D production, sales and after-sales service.In 2014 Puran has built a production base for railway brake products and high speed rail shock absorbers with an area of one hundred and thirty-two thousand square meters in Heze, Shandong. Nowadays many brake pads are from Puran production research and development to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the metro, train and high speed trains.
Those who can adapt to the new demand can create the future. It depends not only on the strength of the enterprise but also on their vision and layout.

Puran Deutschland GmbH

In 2020 the company Puran Deutschland GmbH was founded in München.  An experienced team in the munich office takes care for the european business with experts on the technology side, a total of 12 person. Puran Deutschland is your contact / first choice for solutions in the railway braking with a solution efficience qualityhas big storage capacity, a highly efficient logistic system and an integrated planing, this allows quick reaction in Europe.Puran Deutschland is going to expand the location and get in touch with and set up a strong network to integrate in the european railway market.
Puran Deutschland is your long-time realible partner for the railway-friction-business.

Quality responsibility

Quality is a companies best reputation. In all levels we have quality control, in the management, in the production and after sales-service.We have the ISO9001:2011 which is yearly controlled and renewed. In the production process we have many facilities and tools for controlling the quality, an own laboratory with modern equipment to analyse,  measure, control, weighing the full processline.